Quick Reports

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Quick Reports

Quick Reports are commonly used reports that cater to both general members and admin-level users. They can be accessed from the main menu under Members Area Features.


1. Member List (HTML): This detailed list includes name, address, phone, and email. It is presented in an HTML format similar to a web page.

2. Member List (phone/email): A less-detailed list that includes only name, phone, and email. It serves as a handy calling list for admins to make member contacts.

3. Membership Directory Handouts: These reports, available in PDF, HTML, and Handout V2 HTML formats, are perfect for organizations focusing on member directories. Share them with members to keep them updated on the latest membership network.

4. Officers List: This list displays the organization's board of directors or officers. It can also be published on your website using MMS Integration.

5. Birthday List: Ideal for organizations with individual members, this list includes member names and their birth month and day. Newsletter editors often use it to feature current month birthdays in newsletters.

6. 5-Year Calendar History: This list provides details about all your organization's events in the past five years. It's a great resource for members looking for information on previous events.


1. Current Admin Users: View which members are currently designated as administrators. This report is useful for volunteer-based organizations or during leadership transitions.

2. Event Contributors (HTML): If your organization allows user-submitted events, this report shows a list of contributors who have submitted events in the last two years.

3. Prospect List: Detailed information about prospects, who are designated as a member type of Prospect.

4. Incomplete Membership Registrations Report (.CSV): This report captures data entered by potential members during the sign-up process but did not complete the registration. It helps you identify incomplete registrations and analyze the data collected.

5. Retention Report: Keep track of new and departing members easily with this report. It provides a quick overview of new and lost members in your organization.

6. Member Count History: This report displays monthly member counts, including total members, new members, and the number of members who have discontinued their membership each month.

7. Member Count History By Member Plan: Similar to the Member Count History, this report provides details per membership plan used in your organization.

8. Member Count History By Date Range: Enter specific start and end dates to view member count history for a desired time period. This report allows you to customize the date range for analysis.

9. Member Count Graph: Visualize member additions and drops in the last year with this graph. It offers a quick overview of membership trends.

10. Member Count Graph By Member Plan: This report presents member additions and drops per individual member plan in graph form. It helps you identify the popularity of different membership plans among your members.

11. Record Count By Type: Get a breakdown of the total number of members in each membership plan, along with the dues associated with each plan. This report distinguishes between plans created by you and default plans.

12. Record Count By Region: If your organization defines regions, this report provides a member count breakdown by membership type, categorized by region.

13. Member Database Changes by Date: Identify any unusual changes in your member database by reviewing this report. It shows which items have been modified and who made the changes.

14. Cross Reference Report: For organizations that cross-reference members, this report displays the connections between different memberships.

15. Member Geocoding Report: Geocoding is used for mapping and providing member-specific driving directions. This report helps assess the accuracy of geocoding. Members with addresses within multi-unit businesses or dwellings may have lower accuracy, but a

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