Admin Reminders - User Guide

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Admin Reminders - User Guide

As part of the CRM system, which helps you keep track of your interactions with members and prospects, there is a helpful feature called Admin Reminders.

Admin reminders are designed to prompt you to take future actions. They are particularly useful for establishing a consistent pattern of contact with prospective or current members to encourage them to join or renew their membership.

In the CRM system, an admin reminder serves as a personal reminder for you to reach out to a specific member.

To set an admin reminder, follow these steps:

1. Search for the Member:

Use the same method as recording a contact to find the desired member. Click on their name to select them.

2. Set a New Admin Reminder:

Once you've selected the member, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Set New Admin Reminder."

3. Enter Reminder Details:

Provide the following information for the admin reminder:

- Alarm Date: Choose the date when you want to be reminded.

- Message: Enter a brief description of the reminder or the task you need to accomplish.

- Contact Type: Specify the type of contact this reminder is related to (e.g., phone call, email).

For example, if you want to be reminded on May 15 to call Bob about sponsorships, enter May 15 as the alarm date, choose 'phone call' as the contact type, and write 'Call Bob about sponsorships' as the message.

4. Receive Email Reminder:

On the specified alarm date (May 15 in our example), you will receive an email reminder to make the call. Take the necessary action and reach out to the member.

5. Mark Reminder as Done:

After you've completed the task, return to the system and view the member's contacts/admin reminders. Use the "Mark Done" function to indicate that the reminder has been completed. This will convert the reminder into a contact entry, documenting that you have finished the task.

Furthermore, administrators have the option to set up admin reminder series, which allow them to group various reminders based on specific triggers. For example, a series for new members could include reminders to call and welcome them, followed by a call six months later to check in.

To configure admin reminder series, navigate to the CRM System, then select "Admin Reminder Series." Click on the series you wish to edit and make the necessary changes.

With the Admin Reminders feature, you can stay organized and ensure timely follow-ups with your members. Should you require further assistance or have any inquiries regarding Admin Reminders, our help desk is available to support you.

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