Viewing Transactions - Help Desk Explanation

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Viewing Transactions - Help Desk Explanation

To view invoices and payments, you can use the View Transactions functions in the Billing Menu. There are two ways to access transaction information:

1. View One Member's Transactions:

   - You can select the "View One Member's Transactions" option or click on specific links within reports like Member Status Summary or Expiration Date Report.

   - Another option is to search for a member's last name using the Search function in the "View/Edit Transactions" panel.

2. View All Transactions:

   - Click on "View All Transactions" to see a comprehensive list of all transactions.

   - To narrow down the list, you can specify a range of statement dates in the upper right corner.

The displayed information includes:

- Date: The date associated with the invoice or payment. For invoices, it's usually the statement date by default. For payments, it's the date when the payment was entered.

- Name: The member's name or account name.

- Entry Type: It indicates whether it's an invoice (INV) or payment (PMT). If there's "(pd)" next to an invoice, it means the invoice has been paid.

- Due Date: The date by which the invoice is due.

- Amount: The amount of the invoice or payment.

When viewing a member's transaction timeline, you will also see the membership term covered by a specific invoice. This date range is displayed below the transaction type and number.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding viewing transactions, please don't hesitate to contact our help desk. We're here to assist you!

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