Reinstating Members - Help Desk Explanation

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Reinstating Members - Help Desk Explanation

When it comes to reinstating members, there are different scenarios and steps to follow. Let's explore the two main methods:

Admin Reinstate:

To reinstate members, follow these two steps:

1. Member Database:

   - Access the member database admin area and find the member's record.

   - Click on "chg" (change) and update their status to "active."

   - Click "Submit" to make the member active in the database.

2. Billing Records:

   - Dealing with billing records requires careful analysis and judgment based on the member's specific situation.

   - Start by viewing the member's transactions.

   - Depending on the scenario, take the following actions:

     - If there are no invoices, create one using the "Enter Single Invoice Record" option in the billing menu.

     - If there is an unpaid invoice, consider adjusting the term of membership to reflect the new membership term.

     - If there is a paid invoice, create a renewal invoice record using "Enter Single Invoice Record." Check if the membership term (effective and expiration dates) is correct, and make adjustments if needed.

Self Reinstate:

Members can also reinstate themselves in certain cases:

1. Retaining Membership Type:

   - If members retain their membership type and their status is changed to "dropped," those with unpaid invoices can log in to pay their dues and reinstate their membership.

   - Ensure the "Allow dropped, unpaid members to self-reinstate?" option is checked in Configuration > Billing.

   - Members with a paid invoice when they were dropped will need to contact an admin to reinstate themselves.

2. Dropped to Prospect Type:

   - If members are dropped to a Prospect type, they can still log in and access the Prospect members area (a limited version of the Member's Area).

   - A link to rejoin as a member will be available if the setting "Add Link for Prospects to Join on Main Menu" is checked in Configuration > Prospecting.

If you need further assistance or have specific questions about reinstating members, please reach out to our help desk. We're here to help you navigate the process!

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