Dropping Members - Help Desk Explanation

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Dropping Members - Help Desk Explanation

When members decide not to renew their membership, there are different ways to drop them from the system. Let's explore the options:

1. Dropping through Email Notification:

   - Members who receive email notifications will have a link within the email to cancel their membership.

   - If they click on the link and follow the instructions, their membership will be dropped automatically.

2. Manual Member Drop:

   - To drop a member manually, access the Member Database Admin area.

   - Locate the member's record and edit it.

   - Change their status to "Dropped." In some versions, there may be a specific "Drop this member" link that you need to use.

Batch Drops:

3. Automated Non-Payment Drops:

   - The MMS offers an option to automatically drop members for non-payment.

   - This batch process runs at night and drops members who are a certain number of days past their due date.

   - You can configure the timeframe for auto-drops through MMS Configuration > Billing > Auto-drop Days.

   - If specified in the Auto-Drop email field of MMS Configuration, a warning email will be sent to the designated address, typically a membership director or admin. This email provides details about members scheduled for batch drop in the next 30 days, allowing time for follow-up before their dues are overdue.

Please note: The Batch Drop function is powerful and requires proper monitoring and setup. To enable this function, you must request it to be turned on. Contact our help desk if you're interested in using the Batch Drop feature.

Drop Methods:

4. Direct Member Drop:

   - Directly dropping a member changes their status to "Dropped" while maintaining their membership type.

   - This method is useful for reporting purposes, as you can accurately track the count of members dropped from specific membership plans.

5. Dropping to Prospect Record:

   - Dropping a member to a Prospect record maintains their active status but changes their membership type to "Prospect."

   - This method is helpful for members who may want to reinstate their membership after dropping themselves. However, it limits reporting on dropped members based on specific membership types.

If you have further questions or need assistance with dropping members, please reach out to our help desk. We're here to support you!

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