Full Automation - Nightly Jobs - Help Desk Explanation

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Full Automation - Nightly Jobs - Help Desk Explanation

The MMS offers powerful automation features to streamline the renewal process. These features handle tasks such as posting invoice records, sending notifications, and managing non-payment cases. Here's what you need to know:

Batch Renewal:

- Renewal invoices can be automatically posted when a member is due for renewal.

- The system calculates the posting date based on a specified number of days before the effective date.

- For example, if you set a 90-day timeframe, the renewal invoice is posted 90 days before the membership's renewal date.

Batch Notification:

- Once the invoice record is posted, renewal notifications can be sent at regular intervals until the member pays or cancels.

- By default, notifications are sent every X number of days, with X set to 30 days.

Batch Drop:

- Non-paying members can be automatically dropped from the system after a specified number of days past the due date.

- This helps manage non-payment cases efficiently.

It's important to note that improper setup of these features can cause issues, such as posting transactions too early or dropping members too quickly. Therefore, we handle the implementation of these features on an individual basis, upon request. Typically, the implementation is done in sequence: batch renewal, batch notifications, and then batch drop.

We recommend using these automated features if your organization renews members throughout the year. However, if you have a fixed-year renewal where all members renew at the same time annually, we suggest using the manual functions in the billing system to post invoices and send notifications.

To ensure a smooth setup and avoid any problems, please reach out to our help desk. We'll be glad to assist you in configuring these features according to your specific requirements.

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