Job Board Help Desk Guide

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Job Board Help Desk Guide

The Job Board module allows employers to post job opportunities that can be searched and viewed by members. Candidates can also post their resumes and indicate their interest in employment, which is searchable by employers. Here's how to use the Job Board:


1. To access the Job Board links, go to Configuration > System Links > 24. Jobs Board.

2. Start by entering some necessary information:

   - Email: Provide an email address for the job board manager.

   - Skills List: Specify the skills required for jobs and the skills candidates have acquired. Create a list of skills specific to your organization and industry via the job board admin area (Admin menu > Website > Content Manager Menu > Job Board / Career Center > Skills).

   - Pricing Options: Set different prices for 30-day, 60-day, and 120-day job ads. Job ads are the postings made by employers. Configure pricing options under Configuration > Job Board (under 'Other Configuration Options').


1. Members can access the job board by going to Member's Menu > Resources > Job Board / Career Center.

2. Getting Access:

   - To post a job, a user (member) must be connected to an employer. After logging in, they go to the job board, click on the employer option, and request access.

   - They can create a new employer or request to be connected to an existing one.

   - If requesting connection to an existing employer, an email notification is sent to the job board manager. The manager can approve the request by clicking the 'approve' link in the admin area or reject it by clicking the 'remove' link.

Non-Member Employers

- Employers are usually association members, but non-members can also be allowed. Contact tech support to enable a special record type ("J") that grants login access to non-member employers specifically for the job board. There is also an employer sign-up feature for non-members to register and post jobs.

Entering Jobs

- Once an employer has access to the job board, they can start posting jobs. They need to provide a job name, description, required skills, location info, contact info, and an expiration date. Posted jobs will be available for job seekers to find via search.

Searching Job Seekers

- Employers can search for job seekers and review their resumes. The search feature allows searches based on keywords, education level, and acquired skills.

Job Seekers

Search Jobs

- Job seekers (typically members) can use the search feature to find jobs. They can search by keyword, education level required, or skills required.

Being Found

- Job seekers who want to be found by potential employers should update their profile. They can list the type of position they are looking for, their acquired skills, and upload a resume.


- Job seekers can manage their privacy settings:

   - Privacy ON: No employers can see their profile.

   - Privacy OFF: Any employers can see their profile.

   - Privacy OFF, some restricted: Any employers, except those specified, can see their profile.

By following these instructions, employers and job seekers can effectively use the Job Board module to connect and find suitable job opportunities.

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