Creating Message Boards - User Guide

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Creating Message Boards - User Guide

To establish message boards for your organization, follow these simple steps:

1. Accessing Message Boards: From the main menu, navigate to "Administrative Functions" -> "Member's Area Functions" and click on "Message Boards."

2. Adding a Board: Click on "Add New Message Board." On the next page, provide a name and description for the board. Each board represents a category of discussion, such as committees or interest groups.

3. Setting up Topics: After creating a board, it's helpful to initiate conversations by adding a few topics. This will encourage members to participate and engage in discussions.

Board Settings Explained:

- Board Name: This name identifies the board in the board list, making it easily recognizable.

- Description: The description offers a brief explanation of the board's purpose, helping members understand its focus and ensuring relevant discussions.

- Board Category: Optional field for grouping boards hierarchically, primarily useful for organizations with a large number of boards.

- Limiting Access: You can limit a board to specific projects, committees, or board members using the dropdown menu or by checking the "board-of-directors" checkbox.

- Require Moderator Approval: When enabled, all topics and posts must be approved by a moderator before appearing or being emailed out.

- Limit Response Emails to Topic Creator: By checking this option, only the topic creator will receive email replies, ensuring privacy and focused communication.

- Email-List Handle: This feature allows members to create and reply to topics via email. Enter an alphanumeric email-list handle, and the board will integrate with the message board system.

- Organization Nickname: Customize the organization's name displayed in email subject lines for better identification. Enter a nickname consisting of alphanumeric characters and spaces.

For more detailed information on the "Email-List" features or any other settings, refer to the corresponding help sections.

If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding the creation and management of message boards, please don't hesitate to reach out to our help desk. Enjoy the collaborative discussions facilitated by our message board system!

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