Email-List Enabled Message Boards - User Guide

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Email-List Enabled Message Boards - User Guide

Email-list enabled message boards provide an additional way for members to participate in discussions by allowing them to create topics and replies through email. To utilize this feature, it needs to be enabled for each board individually, and each board must have its own unique "handle."

Understanding Handles:

Handles in message boards function like usernames, helping the system identify email messages and place them in the appropriate board. Think of it as similar to a username for your Google or Gmail account, where your username might be "random123" and your email address is "" Similarly, a message board handle works as an email address. For example, if your message board handle is "myboard123," you would send an email to "" to create a new topic.

Please note that the email address for email-list enabled message boards will be conveniently displayed on the Topic List for that specific board.

Creating Topics:

Any member* who has permission to access a particular board can post a new topic by sending an email to the board email address. The board email address is conveniently displayed on the Topic List for that specific board. When creating a topic via email, the subject of the email becomes the topic name, and the body of the email becomes the topic description/body.

Please exercise caution when forwarding messages to the board email, as the system cannot clean up formatting, potentially affecting the professional presentation when viewed through the MMS.

*Note: New topic emails must be sent from an email account associated with a valid member account in the MMS. If the email is sent from an unknown email address, it will be rejected by the system as an anti-spam precaution.


To reply to a topic via email, simply reply to the email as you would with any other email. Click "reply" in your email client, type your message in the message body*, and then click "send." The system will process the message within a minute or two of receiving it.

When replying, it is not permitted to forward other messages. The system filters out quoted text (text from the original message you're replying to) and forwarded content. If you need to forward a message in response to an existing topic, please copy and paste the relevant text into a new, clean message body.

Also, please note that while you can reply from any email address, if the system does not recognize your email address (i.e., it is not associated with your member account), the message will be attributed to an "unknown author," and your email address will be displayed instead of your name. If your email address is linked to multiple member accounts, the system attributes the message to the most recently created member account.

*For optimal results when replying, type your response at the top of the message body.

Additionally, you have the option to select 'Limit response emails to topic creator?' if you prefer replies to be sent only to the topic creator instead of everyone who has opted in.


The system will attempt to process any attachments sent via email and include them in the relevant message board for the corresponding topic/reply. However, members are responsible for the content of any attachments they send.

If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding email-list enabled message boards or any related features, please reach out to our help desk. We're here to ensure smooth and convenient communication within your message boards.

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