Message Boards - User Guide

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Message Boards - User Guide

Message Boards provide a valuable platform for members to engage in communication and discussion. They are organized in a hierarchical structure consisting of Boards, Topics, and Posts. Boards serve as primary categories, Topics are discussion points, and Posts are individual replies within those discussions.

Creating Boards and Topics:

- Boards: Admin users have the ability to create Boards, which serve as primary categories for organizing topics. These categories help members navigate discussions effectively.

- Topics: Any member can create a Topic, which serves as a central point of discussion within a Board. Members can initiate conversations and seek input from others.

Posting Replies:

- Posts (Replies): Members can contribute to discussions by posting replies within Topics. Posts are directly related to the ongoing conversation and allow members to share their thoughts, insights, or queries.

Configuring Message Boards:

The Message Board module offers various settings and options to customize the user experience. Detailed information about these settings can be found in specific sub-sections of this help file.

Note: The following documentation pertains to the "New" Message Boards implemented in 2012-2013. If you are not currently using the new message boards, you can switch to them by accessing MMS Configuration and selecting Message Board Configuration.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding the usage and configuration of Message Boards, please consult the relevant sections of this help file. Alternatively, our help desk is available to provide further support and address any concerns you may have. Enjoy the collaborative experience offered by our Message Boards!

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