Monthly Payments with CIM - Help Desk Explanation

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Monthly Payments with CIM - Help Desk Explanation

Managing monthly membership payments with CIM (Customer Information Module) is a convenient way to automate recurring credit card or bank debit payments for members. Here's what you need to know:


- Just like annual membership, monthly membership is handled through invoice records that correspond to a one-month term.

- The effective date is usually the join date, and the expiration date is set to one month later.

Invoice Record Posting:

- Invoice records can be manually posted or set to be done automatically at night.

- We recommend enabling batch renewals for monthly membership to ensure consistent posting of invoices.

- A renewal invoice is posted in the system 15 days before the expiration date of the current term.

Autopay Information:

- Members on monthly plans have the option to store autopay information for automatic payment processing.

- Autopay covers both dues invoices and non-dues invoices, which are paid automatically at night.

Entering Autopay Information:

- Autopay information is stored when members join and pay online.

- Admin-level users can update autopay information using member database admin.

- Members can update their autopay information themselves through the member's area.

Autopay Payment Posting:

- Once an invoice is posted, it becomes eligible for autopay processing based on the autopay lead time.

- The autopay lead time determines when payment attempts are made, usually a few days before the invoice due date.

- Payments are not necessarily processed immediately after the invoice is posted.

Email Notifications:

- Optional renewal invoice notifications can be automatically sent to monthly members, including a PDF of the invoice.

- Payment receipts are sent to members when autopay payments are processed.

- If an autopay payment fails, members receive an email requesting them to log in and correct their autopay information.


- The "Members with Auto-Pay" report in member billing helps manage autopay. It shows members with autopay, unpaid invoices, and payment error messages.

- The report provides links to view transaction details, update autopay information, and process immediate payments.

- The "View Member Timelines" link offers a quick overview of members' transactions.

Please contact our help desk if you have any questions or need further assistance with monthly payments and CIM integration. We're here to help!

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