Mapping QuickBooks Items to MMS G/L Accounts

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Mapping QuickBooks Items to MMS G/L Accounts

To enable transactions between MMS and QuickBooks, it's important to establish a connection between the two systems. This involves assigning QuickBooks Items (Products/Services) to MMS G/L Accounts and linking them to transactions.

Typically, you will need at least two QuickBooks Items:

1. Member Dues

2. Event Registrations

However, you can create subcategories within these items, such as:

1. Member Dues

   - New Member Dues

   - Renewals

   - Credits

2. Event Registrations

   - Separate items for each event

Whether you choose to consolidate transactions into a few QuickBooks Items or keep them separate depends on your organization's accounting requirements. It's advisable to consult a professional accountant for guidance on organizing transactions in QuickBooks.

Mapping QuickBooks Items to MMS G/L Accounts

To perform this task, log in to the MMS as an admin and follow these steps:

1. Go to the "Membership Billing" menu.

2. Under the "Data Export" section, click the "Edit General Ledger Accounts" link.

3. If the desired GL account is not listed, click the "Add New GL Account" link at the bottom of the page.

4. From the "QB Item" drop-down, select the QuickBooks Item you want to assign transactions to.

5. Enter a descriptive name for the item in the "Description" field. It's recommended to use the same name as the QuickBooks Item for consistency, but you can choose a different description if needed.

6. The "Account Number" field is optional but can be used to assign a number to the account.

7. Click the "Submit" button.

By following these steps, you have successfully mapped a QuickBooks Item to an MMS G/L Account. Repeat the process for any additional items you wish to map transactions to (e.g., separate event registrations).

Mapping MMS Transactions to MMS G/L Accounts

Now that you have mapped MMS G/L accounts to QuickBooks Items, you need to specify which transactions should be assigned to which G/L accounts. This can be done for member billing transactions, event registration transactions, and online store transactions.

Member Billing (Dues):

This step is typically performed during the initial QuickBooks connection, and it doesn't require frequent repetition. From the "Edit General Ledger Accounts" page:

1. Look for the "Select GL Accounts for Membership Invoices" link at the top and click on it.

2. Choose the G/L account you set up for new members' dues from the "Gen Ledger Account - New Members Invoices" dropdown. Depending on your accounting preferences, this may be a general dues G/L account.

3. Select the G/L account you set up for renewal dues from the "Gen Ledger Account - Renewal Invoices" dropdown. Again, this may be a general dues G/L account.

4. If you have a separate G/L Account for credits, choose it from the "Gen Ledger Account - Credits" dropdown. This step is optional.

By completing these steps, you will map all dues invoices to the appropriate MMS G/L accounts.

Note: The "Gen Ledger Account - Donations/Wishlist" dropdown is currently unavailable for mapping transactions to QuickBooks. If you would like to add this feature, please submit a support ticket for a customization quote.

Member Billing (Non-dues):

Coming Soon!

Event Registration:

For each event, you will need to map transactions to specific G/L accounts. Follow these steps:

1. From the Main Menu, go to Event Management and click on "Event Registration."

2. Next to the event you want to map transactions for, click the "change" link.


 Scroll down to the "General Ledger Account" dropdown, located approximately one-third of the way from the bottom.

4. Select the G/L account you created to send transactions for this event.

5. Click the "Continue >>" button at the bottom of the page.

All transactions for this event will now be assigned to the chosen G/L account.

Note: If you don't want transactions for a particular event to sync with QuickBooks, you can check the "Suppress QB Sync" box beneath the General Ledger Account dropdown. However, a General Ledger Account still needs to be selected for the sync to work. Consider creating a "Miscellaneous" account without a QB Item selected on the "Edit General Ledger Accounts" page for these types of events.

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