Editing Attendees/Payments

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Editing Attendees/Payments

As an admin-level user, you have the ability to manage attendee information and record payments for attendees who pay by check. Here's how you can perform these tasks:

1. Go to the Event Registration Admin menu, which can be found under Administrative Functions on the main menu.

2. Locate the specific event you want to work with and click on the "edit" link next to "attendees."

3. On the attendees page, you will see a list of all the individuals who have registered for the event. At the bottom of the page, there are two buttons to add attendees.

- "Add Attendee From List" allows you to add an attendee from the Member Database by copying their contact information into their attendee record.

- "Add Attendee not in Member Lists" enables you to manually enter the contact information of a new attendee.

4. If you need to add an attendee to an event, simply access the event registration system, edit the attendees for the event, and click on "add attendee from database" or add them manually.

(Note: If you register a member as an admin using the public link, your admin Member ID may be linked to that registration, resulting in receiving additional emails about the registration. Following the steps above will prevent this from happening.)

Viewing Attendee Info:

- Clicking on the name of an attendee will bring up a summary page containing various information about the attendee, their selections, and payment details.

Editing Invoice/Payment Info:

- If an attendee has registered for an event with a cost, an invoice record will be created, indicated under the "invoice" column. Invoice numbers for event registrations start with an "E" to differentiate them from Member Billing System invoices. By clicking on the invoice number, you can access invoice information and view any payments applied.

- To manually enter a payment, click on "Record New Payment" from the invoice page.

- For organizations using Authorize.net as a gateway, there is an option to "Process Online Payment" available.

- You can also view a printable invoice document by clicking on "view PDF invoice document."

Payment Codes:

- Invoices with selected payments will have a 3-letter code indicating the payment method or intention. Here's a reference of these codes:

  - EVT: Pay at the event

  - PPL: PayPal payment

  - CCP: Credit Card payment

  - CHK: Check Payment

  - CCF: Credit Card by Fax or Phone

  - ECK: E-Check payment

  - INV: Bill Me later

  - STO: Pay using Online Store

  - POP: Purchase order payment

- There may be a code in parentheses indicating how the registration was initiated:

  - ADM: Admin registration

  - PUB: Public landing page registration

  - MA: Member's Area registration

Editing Attendee Info:

- To edit an attendee's information, click on the "chg" link. You will be guided through the same pages that the attendee would see.

- Clicking on the "void" link allows you to void or cancel their registration.

Removing Attendees:

- The process of removing a single attendee from a registered group depends on whether the associated invoice has been paid.

Unpaid Invoice:

- If the invoice is unpaid, editing the registration record will show the "remove" option below each attendee. The invoice will update automatically once the registration has been re-confirmed.

Paid Invoice:

- Removing an attendee after an invoice has been paid requires additional steps. The invoice payment must be voided first to remove the attendee. Once done, update the registration, and the invoice will reflect the new balance. Record a new payment for the updated balance and process any refunds manually through your payment gateway.

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