Editing a Newsletter/New Newsletter - User Guide

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Editing a Newsletter/New Newsletter - User Guide

To create a new newsletter or edit an existing one, follow these steps:

1. Creating a New Newsletter:

   - Go to the Newsletter Manager.

   - Click the "Add Newsletter" button at the top of the page.

2. Editing an Existing Newsletter:

   - Go to the Newsletter Manager.

   - Click the edit pencil icon next to the newsletter you want to modify.

Once you've selected the newsletter to edit or created a new one, you'll be guided through a wizard with multiple pages.

Page 1: General Information

On this page, you'll find options for the template, issue name, publish date, and status.

- Template: Choose the template file for the newsletter. If you need help creating a template, refer to our help file on creating Newsletter Templates.

- Issue Name: Enter the name that will appear at the top of the newsletter.

- Publish Date: Select a future date to schedule your newsletter's publication. This allows for creating multiple newsletters with different publish dates.

- Status (Active/Inactive): Choose "Active" if the newsletter is ready or "Inactive" if you want to work on it further before releasing it to your members.

Page 2: Adding/Changing Content

This page is where you'll add most of the newsletter's content. You'll see your newsletter template and options to add various features.

Types of Features:

At present, there are five types of features available for inclusion in a newsletter:

1. Article/Text/Image: This is the standard newsletter feature. You can provide a title, author, intro (blurb), and full text. The title, author, and blurb will appear on the main newsletter page with a link to read the full article. Images will automatically resize to fit the column width.

2. Index of Articles: This feature displays a summary list of all the articles in the newsletter, ideally in the left column at the top.

3. Calendar Events Import: This feature allows you to import event information from the calendar module and include it in the newsletter. The events will be linked to their respective event details page.

4. New Member Database Import: Similar to the calendar import, this feature lets you import a list of new members to recognize those who have recently joined.

5. Community Posts: If your organization enables Newsletter Submissions, this feature can pull in approved posts submitted by your members for a specified date range.


- To add a new feature, click the "Add Feature" button at the bottom of any column. Then select the desired feature type and follow the prompts in the pop-up dialog.

- To edit a feature, click the edit pencil icon above the article or directly within the article itself. This will open the editing dialog, allowing you to make changes to your newsletter.

- To add additional story content (hidden behind a link at the bottom of the article), click "Add Additional Story Content" at the bottom of any article. This will open the dialog editor where you can add the additional content.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about editing your newsletter, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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