Enabling the Booth Editor Option and Global Configuration

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Enabling the Booth Editor Option and Global Configuration

To activate the booth editor, follow these steps:

1. Go to the main settings and configuration page of your MMS (Member Management System).

2. Look for the 'Event Registration Configuration' section and click on it.

Under the 'Booth Options' heading, you will find several options:

1. Enable Booth Registration for Events:

   - Enabling this option activates the booth editor feature.

   - Once enabled, you can create event registrations that include a booth map.

2. Display Attendee Information on Chosen Booth:

   - If enabled, this option allows registrants to view information about attendees who have already chosen booths during registration.

   - This helps them make informed decisions when selecting their own booth.

3. Disable Website Header/Footer on Booth Pages:

   - The booth editor requires a full-screen layout on both the admin editor page and the attendee registration page.

   - Normally, websites with horizontal menus can display the standard header and footer on these pages.

   - However, if your website has a vertical menu or any other constraints that may affect the layout, enabling this option will ensure proper functionality of the booth editor, even if your website is not fully compatible.

By configuring these options, you can enable the booth editor and customize its behavior to suit your event registration needs.

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