Using the Booth Grid Editor

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Using the Booth Grid Editor

When you have enabled a booth map for an event, you will notice a "booths" link in the functions section of the main event registration listing for administrators. Clicking on this link will open the grid editor.

Grid Toolbar:

At the top of the grid editor, you will find a toolbar that provides various options for managing the grid.

1. Create New Booth:

   - To create a new booth, specify the height, width, and color in the top-left section of the toolbar.

   - The height and width should be indicated in terms of grid blocks.

   - Once created, you can add additional information and customize the booth further. For detailed instructions, refer to the relevant help section article or video.

   - Newly created booths will appear on the right side of the toolbar in the "New Booth(s)" section. Simply click and drag a booth to the desired position on the grid.

   - You will receive a confirmation message at the top right of the screen when a booth is successfully placed on the grid.

   - If you accidentally create a booth, you can drag it to the red "Delete" section to remove it from the grid.

2. Upload Background Image:

   - The grid editor allows you to upload a background image for the grid and overlay booths on top.

   - It is recommended to start with a blank floorplan image rather than an image with pre-existing booths.

   - Clicking on the "Upload Background Image" button initiates the process of uploading and cropping your image.

   - For detailed instructions, refer to the specific help section and accompanying video.

3. Background Size, Background Y Position, Background X Position:

   - These options on the toolbar allow you to adjust the background image.

   - Background Size: Adjusts the image size to fit better within the grid. If significant adjustments are required, consider cropping the image again.

   - Background Y Position: Moves the background image vertically within the grid.

   - Background X Position: Moves the background image horizontally within the grid.

Grid Dimensions:

Enabling the booth map automatically sets default values for columns, rows, height, and width. However, you can customize these settings by clicking on the "Change Grid Dimensions" button.

Change Grid Verbiage:

The booth registration system consists of two public-facing pages:

1. The actual registration page where attendees can view the map and register for booths.

2. A public page that promotes your event and allows anyone to see the map and booth assignments.

Both pages have default instructions and text, but you can modify them by clicking on the "Change Grid Verbiage" button in the toolbar. Add your own custom text, which can be unique for each event without affecting others.

The link to the public-facing page is located at the top of the screen, directly above the toolbar. You can share this link with attendees or others to provide them with an interactive version of the map.

By utilizing the booth grid editor and its features, you can easily create and customize a booth map for your event, allowing registrants to select booths and view relevant information.

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