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The MMS system offers extensive configuration options to tailor it to your organization's needs. These settings can be adjusted, turned on or off, and more through the Configuration pages. To access these pages, click on the "Configuration" link located above the Admin menu. Please note that only full administrators have access to configuration settings.

Understanding Configuration Pages:

Most of the configuration pages are self-explanatory, and you will find adequate explanations of the options within each page. Simply click on the desired page to explore and make adjustments. If you come across any unclear options or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Exploring Configuration Pages:

1. Member Database/Billing Options:

   - General: These options pertain to the Member Database, Member Billing, and other miscellaneous items.

   - Custom Fields and Field Labels: Manage custom fields in the member database here.

2. Invoice/Billing Verbiage:

   - Configure specific verbiage for various billing emails in this section.

3. QuickBooks Configuration Options:

   - Access configuration options related to QuickBooks integration.

4. Other Configuration Options:

   - This section provides a list of configuration pages for each module. Some notable ones include:

     - New Member Registration: Adjust the verbiage for the Welcome email sent to new members automatically.

     - Tools: Access various tools and features.

     - FTP Information: Exercise caution when making changes here, as it relates to content management features that require an FTP connection between the MMS and your website.

     - GDPR/Privacy Module: Find the necessary forms to maintain GDPR compliance.

     - Reports: Explore different reports available.

     - Config Email Addresses: View email addresses associated with different configuration settings.

     - Database Backup Info: Access a useful tool for keeping remote and separate backups of member and billing data.

     - System Links: A comprehensive list of MMS links to assist with integrating the MMS with your website.

If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding the MMS configuration, our help desk is ready to assist you.

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