Data Conversion Process & Quickbooks Integration

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Data Conversion Process & Quickbooks Integration

Welcome to our services! Now that you're a customer, we need to load your system with your data. Don't worry, the data conversion process is straightforward as long as you can provide us with the following information in an electronic format.

General Member Data:

To begin, we require the basic information about your members. Please provide us with the following details for each member in an electronic format:

- Business Name

- Category (e.g., Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker)

- Contact First Name

- Contact Last Name

- Phone

- Mobile Phone

- Fax

- Address

- City

- State


- Website URL

- Email

If you have any additional fields that you would like to retain, simply let us know, and we will configure the system accordingly.

Member Plans:

Our Chamber Organizer handles member billing by assigning each member to a specific "member type" such as Standard Plan, General Member, Honorary, or based on the number of employees, etc. We need to know the details of these plans and how to convert your existing data to map each member to their appropriate member plan.

Billing Data:

During the conversion process, we will set up initial invoices and payments to ensure that the Chamber Organizer reflects the current payment status of your members. To accomplish this, we need certain information from you, including:

1. Dates of the member's current term of membership

2. Payment status

Please provide us with as much information as possible using data fields you may already have, such as anniversary date, expiration date, date of last payment, current balance due, number of employees, and paid indicator (Y/N).

QuickBooks Integration Option:

While the Chamber Nation system does not require QuickBooks to function, we understand that some organizations require a comprehensive accounting integration. Therefore, we offer integration with the online edition of QuickBooks. Please note that the online edition is necessary for a direct connection between Chamber Nation and QuickBooks servers.

The benefits of QuickBooks integration are substantial:

- Everything is online, accessible, and automatically backed up

- Upgrades and accessibility are seamless

- You can access information from anywhere via the internet or your smartphone

If you're interested in QuickBooks integration, you can order the QuickBooks Online service.

Data File Verification:

Once you've submitted your data file for conversion, our engineering team will follow these steps:

1. Member data inspection: We carefully review the initial file to ensure that it includes all the necessary information.

2. Member data conversion: If any issues arise during this stage, we work closely with you to make changes or obtain improved data.

3. Inspection of converted member data: You have the opportunity to review the converted data and inform us if anything appears missing or incorrect. This step often helps identify errors, whether they are engineering-related or within the data provided. If errors are found, we go back to step 2.

4. Manual correction of member data: If there are specific items that cannot be converted or corrected automatically, we work together with you to manually address these issues.

5. Creation of invoice/payment records.

6. Client inspection of billing reports: You will review the billing reports to verify their accuracy and compare them with your own records. If any errors are detected, we go back to step 5.

7. Manual correction of billing data: Any remaining items that require conversion or correction will be addressed at this stage.

You can download the spreadsheet template for data submission by clicking on the provided link.

We're here to assist you throughout the data conversion process and ensure a smooth transition. Please let us know if you have any questions or need further guidance.

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