Using Zoom Interface

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Using Zoom Interface


Note: Self-installation is currently not available to all clients. Please contact us to connect your Zoom account.

To install Zoom, follow these steps:

1. Go to the config area and look for 'Zoom' in the list of config pages.

2. Click on the 'Authorize' link to grant API access to your Zoom account from your system account.

3. Enter your Zoom credentials when prompted.


After completing the installation, follow these steps to access Zoom Meetings:

1. Log in to the system.

2. Look for 'Zoom Meetings' under events in the admin menu.

3. Click on 'Add a new meeting' to create your meeting.

Recommended Meeting Types:

A) Larger Meetings / General Availability: Create the meeting and use the Invitation feature to send out invitations via broadcast messaging. Alternatively, use the 'shareable info' link to provide attendees with instructions on how to join.

B) Smaller Meetings / Invitation Only: Create the meeting and use the Registrants feature to add attendees. Zoom will send confirmation emails to those individuals.

Creating Meetings / Webinars:

Click on the respective buttons at the top to add a new meeting or webinar. The choice between meetings and webinars depends on the number of attendees and the need for Q&A features. Refer to the Zoom Webinars page for more information.

Promoting / Sharing Meetings (General Availability):

The invitation feature and shareable info provide attendees with connection details. Phone numbers for joining the meeting are included in meetings created after 04/16/20.

Managing Registrants (Invitation Only):

This module allows adding registrants to a meeting. After creating the meeting, click on the 'Registrants' link. Select members/prospects/attendees on the left side and click 'Continue' to add them. Registrants will receive meeting details via email.

Event Registration - Check-in Page (Portal):

For complex events with multiple meetings/sessions, a landing page is provided. Registrants can view an itinerary and easily join meetings/sessions.

Recording Meetings:

To record a meeting, enable the auto-recording checkbox when setting it up. Zoom will process and store the audio and video in the cloud. After completion, recordings can be accessed through the recording link. Share or retrieve the files via the recording link in the meeting-list.

Handling Recorded Meetings:

Recordings can be used and shared in various ways:

- File Archive Module: Restrict access to members only.

- Online Learning Module: Monetize access to videos.

- Online Store: Another option for monetizing access.

- Video Module: Upload and present video files conveniently.

- Zoom Hosted Files: Recordings are available on Zoom for a limited time and can be shared using links.

Tracking Attendance:

Zoom meetings and webinars offer attendance tracking functionality. Click on the 'participants' link next to the meeting/webinar to see who attended and for how long. Match this data with event registrations to mark attendees as attended.


To uninstall Zoom, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Zoom Account.

2. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

3. Go to Manage > Installed Apps.

4. Select the app.

5. Click 'Uninstall'.

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