Membership Plans

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Membership Plans

Managing membership plans is essential for organizations with different dues levels. The Membership Plans section allows admin-level users to edit these plans, which are used in the Member Billing System to determine member billing amounts.

To edit membership plans:

1. Click on "Member Database" and then select "Plans" at the top left.

2. To add a new plan, click on the "Add New Plan" link. To make changes or delete a plan, click on the respective "change" or "delete" links next to the plan in the list.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON MEMBER BILLING: Editing membership plan information does not affect existing invoice details. It only impacts future invoice creation. Refer to the Member Billing section for more information.

When adding or editing a plan, you'll encounter several fields to fill in:

1. Description: Enter the name of the Member Plan.

2. Term: Select "annual" for most organizations. If you have monthly memberships, please contact us for special alterations to facilitate monthly payment management.

3. Dues: Specify the base amount of dues per membership term.

4. One-Time Registration Fee: If you charge a registration fee for new members, enter it here.

5. Trial Membership: Indicate if the plan is a limited trial membership.

6. Number of Trial Days: If the plan is a trial membership, enter the number of days offered.

7. Default Choice: Check this box if the plan is used more frequently than others to set it as the default.

8. Restricted Choice: Check this box if the plan should not be available for online member sign-ups. For example, a $0 honorary membership plan may be granted to specific individuals but not offered for online sign-ups.

9. Restrict Prospect Sign-up: Prevent prospects from selecting this plan when joining as members.

10. Make Unavailable During Event Registration Signup: Prevent event registrants from choosing this plan during event registration.

11. Discount Codes: Set up percentage-based or flat-rate discounts for new member dues and renewal dues.

12. Non-Renewal: Check this box if the plan is intended for one term only and should not be renewed. Members assigned to this plan won't receive renewal invoices (assuming automatic renewal is enabled).

13. Multi-year Term: If you want to offer a membership term lasting multiple years, select "annual" for the term and enter the number of years.

14. Discount at Renewal: Enter the value to subtract from the dues amount at renewal, applying a discount.

By properly configuring membership plans, you can effectively manage dues and tailor different options to meet your organization's needs.

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