Avoiding Spam Filters

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Avoiding Spam Filters

We're constantly working to improve the delivery of your emails, but sometimes spam filters can cause issues. To help you avoid this, we provide useful tools on the final page of creating a Broadcast Message. These tools show you how the email will appear to the recipient and give you a predicted spam score. Remember, the lower the spam score, the better!

Here are some tips to prevent your emails from being mistaken as spam:

1. Use proper subject line capitalization: Avoid using all caps in the subject.

2. Be mindful of excessive exclamation points: Limit the use of multiple exclamation points like "Sale!!!".

3. Watch out for certain keywords: Avoid using words like "Sale," "Free," "Attention," or typical sales phrases such as "buy direct," "cheap," or "act now."

4. Steer clear of pharmaceutical or adult-oriented terms: Avoid using common pharmaceutical trade names or references to adult-only products.

5. Avoid subject line attachments: Refrain from mentioning attachments in the subject line, as this is a common tactic used by viruses.

6. Minimize brackets and parenthesis: Try to avoid using brackets [ ] or parenthesis ( ) in the subject line.

7. Limit the number of links in the email body: Ideally, keep the number of links below 5.

8. Balance images and text: Avoid using too many large images in your emails. Maintain a reasonable proportion between images and text to prevent triggering spam filters.

9. Use colors wisely: Avoid excessive use of red-colored fonts.

10. Send emails from your organization's domain-based email address: If available, use an email address associated with your organization's domain. Using personal email accounts can sometimes cause errors because our server may not have permission to send on behalf of other servers. For example, if you have an email address ending in @pastrychefsofamerica.org, use that instead of @thepastrymasters.com if our system is authorized to send mail on behalf of pastry chefs but not The Pastry Masters.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of your emails reaching recipients' inboxes instead of being flagged as spam.

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