Creating Invoice Records - Help Desk Explanation

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Creating Invoice Records - Help Desk Explanation

To start using the Member Billing System, you need to create invoice records. These records represent membership terms for each member, different from the actual invoice documents. When an invoice record is created, it's marked as unpaid until a payment is applied.

There are two types of invoice records: New Member Invoices and Renewal Invoices.

New Member Invoices:

- They can be created automatically when entering new members manually.

- If needed, you can create them one at a time.

- If a new member invoice wasn't generated during member entry due to misconfiguration or other reasons, you can create invoices individually. Go to the Renewal System menu and select "Enter Single Invoice." Then choose the member for whom you want to generate the invoice.

The effective date of a new member invoice is usually set as the member's join date. If your membership practices are different, such as having a common effective date for all members, please contact us, and we can adjust your configuration accordingly.

Renewal Invoices:

- They can be created through automatic renewals or manually.

- Automatic renewals generate invoices for active members a certain number of days before their current term expires. This feature can be set in the MMS Configuration.

- Renewal invoices are based on the expiration date of the member's last dues invoice. If a member doesn't have a dues invoice, a renewal invoice won't be created.

- Renewal invoices have an effective date matching the expiration date of the previous invoice.

- During the initial setup, we'll work with you to ensure the MMS reflects the accurate billing status of your members by setting up initial invoices/payments for all members.

- If all members have the same effective and expiration dates (e.g., March 1 to March 1), we can customize the renewal process accordingly.

Create Renewal Invoices by Date:

- If you don't have automatic renewals enabled, you can create renewal invoice records using the Create Renewal Invoices by Date function.

- With this feature, you can enter the effective date for the renewals you want to create. The system will show you the invoices that will be generated, and you'll have the option to proceed or abort the procedure.

- If you don't see the Create Renewal Invoices by Date function, please contact us for assistance.

Please note that changes made to the member database won't automatically reflect in the member billing system. Any modifications or updates should be made directly in the member billing system.

If you have further questions or need support, don't hesitate to contact us.

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