Setting up Event Registration

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Setting up Event Registration

When you're adding or editing an event, you'll be guided through a series of pages to customize the event details, registration packages, and attendee information fields. This allows administrators to keep track of valuable data about the event attendees.

Let's start with Page 1 of the registration process, where you'll find various options:

1. Event Name (required): Enter the name of the event.

2. Event Description: Provide a short description of the event.

3. Location: Specify the venue for the event.

4. Event Begin Date (required): Set the start date of the event.

5. Event End Date: If the event spans multiple days, enter the end date; otherwise, leave it blank.

6. Registration Cutoff Date: Optionally, set a date to close registration (end-of-day based on the time zone settings).

7. Registration Available: Determine whether registration is currently open or closed.

8. Alternate Invoice Return Address: If different from your organization's address, enter an alternate address for invoices.

9. Verbiage: Add any text to be displayed on the public registration page.

10. Member Only Verbiage: Add text specific to members on the second page of registration.

11. Add Additional Confirmation Verbiage: Include extra information on the confirmation screen after registration.

12. Notification Email Address (1-3): Enter email addresses to receive confirmation emails for each attendee.

13. Confirmation Email - Additional Verbiage: Customize the text that appears in the confirmation email.

14. Auto-Copy Event: Enable automatic event copying based on specified recurrence (e.g., every 1st Monday of the month).

15. First/Additional Mode: Specify registration requirements for the main contact person and additional attendees.

16. Payment Method Notes: Add instructions or information for registrants choosing their payment method.

17. Payment by Check Instructions: Provide instructions for those paying by check.

18. Suppress Payment Options: Hide specific payment options for this event (global options can be managed in Event Registration Configuration).

19. Logo / Logo 2: Upload logos or pictures to appear on the public registration landing page.

20. Prompt for Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr: Require attendees to select their salutation.

21. Attendee Limit for Event: Set a maximum number of attendees for the event.

22. Attendees per Trans. Limit: Limit the number of additional people a registrant can add to their registration.

23. Use Discount Codes: Enable the creation and management of discount codes for attendees.

24. Member Only Registration: Restrict event registration to members only.

25. Add link to additional registration: Include a link to another registration page for consecutive event registration.

26. Require Organization: Make organization name entry mandatory for registrants.

27. Require Organization Address: Make organization address entry mandatory.

28. Require Home Phone Number: Make home phone number entry mandatory.

29. Require Work Phone Number: Make work phone number entry mandatory.

30. Require Attendee Phone Number: Make phone number entry mandatory for all attendees.

31. Require Attendee Address: Make address entry mandatory for all attendees.

32. Enable Purchase Order Number: Allow attendees to enter a purchase order number for invoice payment.

33. Enable Event Admins: Grant admin access to specific members for attendee management, reporting, and registration tasks.

34. Alt Title - Attendee: Customize the term "Attendee" for this event.

35. Alt Title - Package: Customize the term "Package" for this event.

After configuring these options, you'll proceed to the next page to add event packages.

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