Event Registration Surveys

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Event Registration Surveys

Event registrations can include multiple surveys to gather valuable feedback. You can create and manage surveys by clicking on the 'svy' link next to each event. The survey system allows you to create, edit, email surveys to attendees, and generate reports based on the responses.

Creating a New Survey

To create a new survey for an event, simply click on the 'Add New Survey' button. Provide a name and description for the survey. You also have the option to allow survey respondents to mark themselves as attended, which is useful for self-reported event attendance.

Once you've entered the necessary information, you can proceed to create your survey questions. This process is similar to creating event fields. Choose the field type (text, selection, etc.) and enter your question. You can rearrange the question order by dragging and dropping. After previewing the survey, you can choose to email it to attendees.

Emailing Surveys

To email a survey, click on the email icon next to the survey name. This will initiate the email sending process. You can either send the email immediately or schedule it for a later time. On the first page, provide email details such as subject, message, and sender information. If you want to schedule the survey for later, specify the desired 'Send Date'. If left blank, the survey will be sent immediately. There's also an option to automatically send the survey to all attendees, which is useful when creating surveys well in advance.

After entering the email information, you can select recipients on the following screen. Add individuals manually or use the query feature on the left side. Once you've selected the recipients, a summary of your survey email will be displayed. If you chose to send it immediately, it will be sent as soon as you proceed. If scheduled, the survey will be automatically sent on the specified date and time.

Survey Reports

Once respondents start filling out the survey, you can access various reports. Click on the 'Reports' icon next to the survey name to view the available reports.

Results (Total): This report provides aggregate data from all responses, organized by question. For rating and selection fields, you'll see the number of respondents who chose each option. For other types of questions, responses will be displayed together.

Respondents: This report presents a list of all people who have received the survey email, along with their completion status (complete or incomplete).

Individual Responses: This report shows each respondent's answers to all survey questions, organized by person.

Graphs: This report generates multiple graphs based on the survey results, allowing you to visualize the data in different ways.

By utilizing event registration surveys and exploring the reports, you can effectively collect feedback and gain insights to enhance your events.

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