Edit/New News Item - User Guide

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Edit/New News Item - User Guide

When creating or editing news items in the News Manager, you have several options for entering content. The process typically involves providing a short version of the news item first, followed by setting up a link to the full version using a "more-info" link. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Publish Date:

Specify the date when you want your news item to be published. If left blank, the news item will be published immediately at the current time.

2. Expiration Date:

Set an optional expiration date for your news item. After this date, the news item will be automatically removed from display.

3. Headline:

Enter the title or headline of your news article.

4. Short Description:

Provide a brief description that will appear in initial news views, along with a link to the rest of the article (if available). This summary gives readers a glimpse of the news content.

5. Link To:

Choose one of the following options for the full version of your news article:

- Nothing (Listing Only): Select this option if the Short Description contains all the necessary information. Clicking "Continue" will complete the news posting.

- Specified URL: If your article exists on another website, select this option and enter the URL on the next page. Linking to external pages can improve SEO rankings for both sites.

- Enter News Story: This option provides a full content editor on the next page, allowing you to add links, images, and format the text for a rich news article.

- Choose file from file archive: Select this option to link to a file stored in your file archive. The next page will display all available files for you to choose from.

6. Categories:

If you've created any News Categories in the News Manager, you can select them here. Choosing a category will ensure that the news item is displayed in the corresponding category-specific news views. You can select multiple categories if needed.

7. Thumbnail Image:

Upload an image to add visual appeal to your news item. The thumbnail image should be in JPG or GIF format and will be displayed as a small image. If you wish to include larger, high-resolution photos, consider selecting the "Enter News Story" option in the "Link To" section.

If you have any questions or need further assistance while using the Edit/New News Item feature, our help desk is available to support you.

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