Auto CRM - User Guide

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Auto CRM - User Guide

Auto CRM is an additional feature integrated into the CRM system that allows users to quickly record their day-to-day emails to prospects and members. By bcc-ing the email address (where "" represents your system's native domain name), you can automatically create CRM records for your email communications.


To configure Auto CRM, follow these steps:

1. Access the Configuration Menu:

Navigate to the Configuration section in the CRM System.

2. Locate Auto CRM Settings:

Look for the Auto CRM Settings option within the Configuration menu.

3. Specify Accepted Emails:

Enter the email addresses from which you want to accept emails in the Auto CRM feature. This ensures that only emails sent from these addresses will be recorded.

4. Define Association Representative(s):

Provide the email addresses of the association representative(s) who will be using Auto CRM. This limits the usage of Auto CRM to emails sent by the specified representative(s).

5. Select Contact Type:

Choose a contact type that will be assigned to the contacts recorded by Auto CRM. This allows for easy categorization and identification of the recorded contacts.

Email Matching and Error Handling

When an email is bcc'd to autocrm@, Auto CRM verifies the following criteria for successful recording:

1. From Address Match:

The email's from address must match a single database record for the association representative. This ensures accurate attribution of the email.

2. To Address Match:

The email's to address must match a single database record for the member or prospect being communicated with. This ensures proper association of the email with the intended recipient.

If a match cannot be found for either the from or to address, an error message will be sent to you via email, notifying you of the mismatch.

Error Reporting

In the configuration area, you can find a link to an error report. This report displays any logged errors related to emails sent to autocrm@. It can be a useful resource if you encounter any difficulties while using the system, as it provides insights into the recorded errors.

For further assistance or if you have any questions regarding the Auto CRM feature, please reach out to our help desk.

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