Granting Access to Members

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Granting Access to Members

To grant access to the member's area, follow these steps while adding or editing a member's information:

1. Fill in the username field and ensure a valid email is entered in the email field.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click 'Submit'.

3. You will be given an option to send a welcome email to the new member. This email contains the member's username and a randomly generated password. The wording of the welcome message can be customized through MMS configuration in the New Member Registration Configuration.

Case Sensitivity:

- Remind users to check if the caps lock is turned on while logging in.

- Username and password are case sensitive, so they must be entered exactly as registered (e.g., "JSmith" is not the same as "JSMITH" or "jsmith").

Resetting a Member's Password:

- Members can reset their password by using the password reset option on the log-in form.

- They need to provide their email or username, and an email with instructions and a link for password reset will be sent to them.

- Admin-level users can also send a password reset email from the member database admin section. Click the pencil icon to edit the member's info and find the link next to the username field.

Granting Access to All Members at Once:

- In MMS Configuration, locate the 'Rollout Tools' link.

- Use this tool to grant access to all members simultaneously by sending welcome emails.

- Before using the tool, ensure the welcome message is formatted as desired (customizable via MMS Config, general config).

- The rollout tools assign usernames and passwords to members who do not already have them and send welcome messages.

Granting Access to Non-Members:

- Access can be granted to non-members such as list-only records or prospects.

- Follow the process described in the previous section to grant access to non-members.

Administrative Access:

- Admin-level users can grant administrative access to other users.

- Edit the member's record in the member database admin section and set their Member Security drop-down to "Administrative."

Member-Specific Permissions:

- In MMS Configuration, under general configuration, enable the option for member-specific permissions.

- With this setting enabled, member-level users can be granted admin-level access to specific modules.

- Access to modules can be granted by checking checkboxes on the bottom of the member profile edit page.

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