Non-Dues Invoices - Help Desk Explanation

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Non-Dues Invoices - Help Desk Explanation

In addition to dues invoices for new members and renewals, the MMS Billing System offers the option to create non-dues invoices. These invoices allow you to bill members for various items apart from membership fees. Here are some examples of what you can use non-dues invoices for:

- T-shirts/Chapter gear

- Advertising space in newsletters

- Rental of meeting space

Important Note: Non-dues invoices should not be used to bill for membership dues. Dues invoices are specifically designed to handle membership terms and using non-dues invoices for dues can cause issues with renewal invoices.

Creating a Non-Dues Invoice Record:

1. Go to the billing menu and select "Enter Non-Dues Invoice Record."

2. On the next page, enter the first few letters of the member's name in the search box. A list of matching names will appear. Click on the name of the member you want to invoice.

3. On the following page, you can add items to the invoice. Choose an item from the list and click "Add Item from List," or click "Add Item not in list" to manually add items. Repeat this process to include all the items you are billing the member for. Click "Continue" when you're done.

4. On the next page, you can edit the posting and due dates for the invoice and assign it to a general ledger account if desired. You can also add a note to identify the contents of the invoice. Click "Continue" to complete the invoice entry.

5. Once the invoice record is created, you can generate PDF documents and send invoice emails similar to how you would for dues invoices.

Editing the Items List:

You can customize a list of frequently used items that you often bill members for. To edit this list, look for the "edit items" link located to the right of the "Add Item from List" button mentioned earlier. From there, you can add, modify, or delete items in your items list.

Recurring Non-Dues Invoices:

If you need to regularly bill a member for a specific item, you can set up recurring non-dues invoices. Follow these steps:

1. Click on "Schedule Recurring Non-Dues Invoices" in the billing menu.

2. Select "Schedule a Recurring Non-dues Invoice" and choose the member's name.

3. On the screen that appears, provide an item description, price, and select a general ledger account. These details will be used when creating the invoices.

4. Set the frequency, iterations left, and next date fields to determine the posting schedule and the number of invoices to be generated in the future.

   - Frequency: Determines how often the invoice will be posted.

   - Iterations Left: Indicates how many invoices are remaining to be posted.

   - Next Date: Specifies the next date when the invoice will be posted.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with non-dues invoices, please feel free to contact our help desk. We're here to assist you!

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