Event Billing: Separate from Dues Billing

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Event Billing: Separate from Dues Billing

Event registration invoices and member billing invoices are kept separate. Here's why:

1. Non-Members: Many organizations have non-members registering for events. Since non-members may not be reliably in the database, it's difficult to map their transactions to specific individuals.

2. Mapping Transactions to Members: Even if only members register for events, it's important to accurately map the transactions to the members. This can be challenging as there are limited methods available.

Here's why certain options were not implemented:

- Requiring Log-in: Requiring members to log in would hinder the convenience of online event registration. Many members struggle with remembering their username and password, which could lead them to choose other registration methods like calling or mailing in their registration.

- Email Lookup: Email lookup is commonly used to determine member/non-member pricing. However, it is not entirely reliable. People often change their email addresses or have multiple email accounts, making it difficult to identify the correct email associated with their membership.

While it is possible to link event registrations to members after the fact, it does not integrate the invoices and payments into member billing. However, it does allow for easy access to event registration information alongside other member details through the member info page in the member database. This way, event registration details can still be conveniently viewed within the member context.

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