Public Registration and Reports

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Public Registration and Reports

Public Registration:

For events that have set up booth registration, attendees will have the chance to view the booth map and register for booths after selecting their event package and other custom fields. As long as the option for admin-only access is not enabled, attendees will see the booth map.

On the map, attendees can easily identify available booths and see who has already chosen other booths (if the display of attendee data is enabled). Additionally, attendees have the option to upload a logo by clicking the 'Upload Logo' button in the toolbar. This logo will be displayed on the booth map for any booths they select during registration.

Attendees can register for multiple booths, and the details of their selections will be included in their confirmation email and invoice (if there is a cost associated with the booth). Their information will also be visible on the public version of the map.


To obtain a basic report on your booths and the attendees who have selected them, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the reports section of the event.

2. Run the 'Attendee Booth Report'.

   - This report provides a simple list of all your booths.

   - It includes the names and numbers of attendees who have selected each booth.

   - You can use this report to keep track of the event's progress and quickly identify which booths are taken and which are still available.

By utilizing public registration and accessing the attendee booth report, you can efficiently manage booth selections and gain valuable insights into the status of your event.

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