Token Use - Help Desk Version

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Token Use - Help Desk Version

To enable token use during event registration, follow these steps:

1. Enable Token Use: In the global event registration configuration, navigate to the 'Payment Options' tab and enable the option 'Enable Token Use During Registration'. This will activate the token use functionality.

2. Set Token Amounts: Once token use is enabled, you will find new options in event registration to attach token amounts to packages, fields, and field options. Enter the desired token value for each item. Note that the token option cannot be used in conjunction with the member plan prepay option. Only one of them can be enabled at a time.

3. Token Availability: Tokens can only be used for events where they have been set up. If a member has tokens available within their cross reference group, the system will give them the option to apply the tokens per attendee during the event registration process. The system will also display their current token balance.

4. Token and Discount Codes: Please note that tokens are incompatible with discount codes for an event. Attendees must choose to apply either tokens or a discount code to their registration. Both options cannot be used together to receive double discounts.

5. Applying Tokens: If a member chooses to apply tokens to an attendee, the system will deduct the tokens one by one until all applicable event items are discounted or until the member's tokens are depleted. Once a member no longer has tokens available, the option to apply tokens will no longer be visible.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact our help desk.

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