Attendance Tracking - User Guide

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Attendance Tracking - User Guide

The Attendance Tracking module is a valuable addition to the calendar of events system. It allows organizations to keep track of member attendance at specific events and monitor the number of hours spent participating. Detailed reports can be generated to provide insights into attendance and total hours.

Data Entry:

To record attendance, follow these steps for each member:

1. Access the Attendance Tracking menu: Go to the administrative functions section and select "Attendance Tracking."

2. Choose the event: Click on "Edit Attendance" next to the event you want to record attendance for.

3. Add a new attendance record: Click on "Add New Attendance Record" at the top of the page.

4. Enter member details: Select the appropriate member from the list, optionally enter the number of hours attended, and add any comments if needed.

5. Submit the record: Click on "Submit" to save the attendance record.

6. Repeat for additional attendees: If there are more members to record, repeat the process. You can make changes or delete attendee information using the provided links.


Once attendance data is entered, you can access reports to analyze the information. Here's how:

1. Access the Reports section: From the Attendance Tracking menu, click on the "Reports" link at the top.

2. Select report criteria: On the reports screen, enter a date range and choose whether to group the data by event or member.

3. Generate the report: Click on "Submit" to generate the report based on your criteria.

- Group By Event: This report provides a summary list of events within the selected date range, along with the total hours involved. Clicking on a specific event will display a more detailed report of the attendees.

- Group By Member: This report provides a summary list of members who attended events within the selected date range, along with their total participation hours. Clicking on a specific member will display a detailed report of the events they attended.

Please note that more reports may be available in the future to further enhance your attendance tracking capabilities.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the Attendance Tracking module, please reach out to our help desk for support.

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